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Elowynn has been reading Tarot Cards for 20 years.

She started at the age of 12 after having a powerful spiritual experience  at 10 years of age.


Connecting with the Tarot Cards has been a way of gaining insight and understanding into the spiritual experiences she was having. Naturally it became a way of helping others interpret their experiences as well.

Having combined her ability to connect with others through intuitive means with body work and a various healing modalities.


Tarot Card Readings

Using a variety of decks and her intuitive strength Elowynn offers an accurate picture of what is occurring in your life. Having worked with many people from various backgrounds, she is able to lay the cards out in a way that like a puzzle we zero in on what themes are occurring and how the pieces of your life fit together, as well as what awareness needs to occur in your life.


What to expect in a reading

We are on an Odyssey what will we encounter along the way? What should we prepare for? What do we need to be made aware of?

What are our gifts and so on…


These are the types of questions that come up for people and themes that may appear in a Tarot Card Reading.

People will often ask questions regarding their general life path direction, 

Usually with this we touch on themes surrounding Relationships, Career, Money, Health, and confirmation of any changes or decisions that may be occurring.

As well as another theme that comes up frequently especially for those who are wondering which direction they are moving in is Life Purpose.

Often times a reading will take on a Life Purpose theme, particularly for those who don’t know why they are here and what their purpose in life is.

Although curiosity is encouraged knowing why you are coming in for a reading is helpful because it helps us both to discern what the intention is for getting the reading, there fore  getting accurate and insightful results.













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3 thoughts on “Intuitive Consultations

  1. Hello, I just wanted to say what an amazing reader Elowynn is.
    I happened upon her a year and a half ago, while wandering Victoria’s harbor market, had an informative, descriptive, comfortable, specific reading.
    Then about a year later listened to the recording I had made of her reading and realized how very right she was. She did not tell me things I wanted to hear but she did not tell me anything horrible…and I did have a very rough patch happen. In hindsight it was all part of the growth she spoke of and I liked that I did not have insight to the coming of that awful time.

    There was nothing that she said that I questioned, during or afterward.

    When I happened to be passing back through Victoria recently, I immediately thought, I need to go back to this gal! I tracked her down and emailed her. She got back to me quickly and was graciously willing to meet me on such short notice, what a good, kind soul. She gave another spot-on reading. I felt hopeful and realistic going forward because of her insight.
    I cannot praise enough, the readings she does….my preception is of true, unquestionable channeling.
    I leave her readings feeling “okay, I’ve got clarity again”.
    I have been to various different psychics/mediums, Elowynn is by far the best I have been to.
    I would absolutely recommend her expertise.
    Thank you again Elowynn, for your kindness, patience and reassurance.

    • Hi Kari,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful review of my Tarot Card Reading!!! I just came across this now and it brightened my day!

      I hope everything is going amazingly well for you, and moving in a positive direction! May many blessings find you 🙂

      Sending gratitude and joy,


      • Thank you Elowynn, gratitude and joy to you as well. I am glad this brightened your day, as I am sure you brighten many others’ daily, not just with your readings.
        All the best to you!
        Thank you again.

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